Flysurfer extends Free Repair Warranty to 12 months!

“We shall continue to increase the quality of the service level provided by Flysurfer Kiteboarding!” Said Ernst Novak (Head of the Flysurfer Kiteboarding Department) That was and still is an important pillar in the strategic direction of the Flysurfer brand. A high service standard is therefore even more important in the future, especially since we joined the highly competitive market of LEI/tubekites with the CRONIX in August 2013. It’s easier to compare differences in the LEI/tubekite market than it is in the foil-kite market. However, innovation and service also score highly in the LEI/tubekite market. In addition to the existing high-level of service provided by Flysurfer, (which can primarily be attributed to our great customer service and workshop team), further measures will follow in 2015, which will benefit both end-customers and sales partners.

The first step is to extend the proven 6-month Free Repair Warranty to a full 12 months. The intensive research and development, specifically over the last two years, has given us the necessary security and confidence to extend the Full Repair Warranty. We took the introduction of the small Speed4 Lotus Kites (8.0m & 10.0m) as an opportunity to take the Flysurfer service milestone another step higher. To fulfill the increased durability of these airstyle machines and to be able to meet higher wind speeds, several reinforcement characteristics were incorporated into the design. These reinforcements have been implemented into the bigger Speed4 Lotus Kites for some time.

Facts about the new 12-month Free Repair Warranty by Flysurfer:

We have doubled the Free Repair Warranty time to 12 months from the date of 15.10.2014 onwards.
Valid for all new Flysurfer kites which were/are purchased through an authorised Flysurfer sales partner from 15.10.2014 onwards.
The 12-month Free Repair Warranty includes all previously purchased Flysurfer kites since 15th October 2013 and applies to all new Flysurfer products. Eg. A newly purchased Speed4 Lotus 15.0m2 kite on March 9th, 2014 has a Free Repair Warranty until March 8th, 2015.
=> To register for the 12-Month Free Repair Warranty, you must complete the registration form registration form available on the Flysurfer website.

All further details regarding the 12-month Free Repair Warranty by Flysurfer can be found on our website.

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