Blem Products

“Blem” refers to a minor cosmetic imperfection or “blemish” on a board. Such minor cosmetic blemishes do not affect performance of a board in any way. Items in the “Blem” category perform on par with their non-blem peers.

Important facts regarding “blem” items:

  • FULL manufacturer warranty applies
  • Blems have NEVER been used
  • Performance and utility is exactly on par with its non-blem peer

Common examples of a Blem is a board with a slightly faded patch in the graphics or a graphic that wasn’t laid perfectly straight on the board during production. These flaws are often so minor that only a trained eye can tell the difference, even when compared side by side to a non-blem. These boards come directly from the manufacturers with these small cosmetic flaws. The good news is, Blems in no way detract from the performance of the board, and with our significant markdowns, they detract fewer bills from your pocket.